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Reuseable Water Repellent &
Anti-Virus Face Mask

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Water and oil repellent fabric by Nano-Wing® to prevent droplet emissions

FluStop Mask icon-03.png

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Virus fabric using CLEANSE® technology, effective against over 10 types of Bacteria and Virus including COVID-19 and (+)ssRNA

FluStop Mask icon-05.png

100% biodegradable filtration mask insert prevents bacteria from spreading 

BFE > 95%

VFE > 90%

FluStop Mask icon-04.png

Extra large 3D cut for a more fitting, comfortable and breathable experience

FluStop Mask icon-02.png

Massively reduces odor using ETAK® technology

FluStop Mask icon-07.png

Effectively resists bacteria / virus up to 99% even after 50 hand / machine washes

HKD 108 /set

Each pack includes:

mask x1pc and filter x 5pcs

Japan Textile

Made in HK

USA Filter

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